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Posted on January 10, 2007 at 11:45 pm

The real MacWorld Expo 2007 aftermath

Here are some thoughts I’ve been making after reading lots of web pages around about yesterday’s iPhone and Apple TV announcements.
I know very few will care about them but… it’s my blog after all…

Don’t care how good reviews the iPhone will get, the real message is somewhere else.
To be more accurate, it’s right where Steve says from now on it’s going to be called Apple, no longer (and not just) Apple Computer.
See what?
Apple entering the TV room of every household with a (yeah…) Win-compatible box, Apple entering our pockets and suitcases with something that a ‘smartphone’ definition just won’t fit.
But that’s just a part of the game.
See Apple entering mobile devices arena with a new operating system: the very Mac OS X that runs iPhone?
See Apple engaging Symbian, Windows Mobile, UIQ and most other players around?

I’m (still) a proud owner of a Treo 650, PalmOS-based, and still think that PalmOS devices have been running fine (not just with Macs) for a long time, but now it’s over with PalmOS: check the new Treo 750 – which is Windows Mobile-based.
But Mac OS X for mobile looks like something really new.

Note: these are just personal speculations, not dogmatic truth or long-term forecasting…


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