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Posted on May 16, 2006 at 4:17 pm

MacBook announced: Intel Core Duo for iBook-class notebooks

apple macbookApple has announced today the brand new MacBook.
It’s the long-awaited replacement for iBook, now sporting Intel Core Duo processor.

So long iBook, it’s been a good workhorse for a lot of people since its introduction back in July 1999 [check here the old G3 specs].

A first look at the new MacBook tech specs (much like what the rumors predicted):
– a brilliant (Vaio-style) glossy 13.3″ display, a must to compete with PCs and the first time ever on a Mac,
– 1.83 and 2.0 GHz processor speed,
– DDR2 RAM up to 2 GB,
– a dual-layer SuperDrive,
– 2 USB 2.0 and a (!) a FireWire 400 port,
– up to 120 GB hard disk drive,
– a not-so-amazing Intel GMA 950 graphics card with 64 MB of shared memory, but still capable of extended desktop on external monitor, through the mini-DVI output and with some optional VGA/DVI/S-VHS adaptors.
apple macbook
Just like the bigger MacBook Pros, the new MacBook sports:
– the MagSafe power adapter,
– a built-in iSight for iChat AV (and some other videophone apps),
– FrontRow remote.

All software bundled with MacBook, as well as iLife ’06, is Universal Binary, that is Intel-CPU compatible: right now.

All this in a white or black (just the big BTO model) case, just like iPod nano…

Prices starting at just US$ 1099 or EU 1119.
Availability: now.

A strange point: the black model, color apart, will get you a 80 GB (up from 60 GB on the White model) for US$ 200 more… the same drive on the White will cost just US$ 50 more…

Check hi-res pictures of the new MacBook from Apple PR right here.

It’s a neat move on Win-PCs and, by the way, it’s quite competitive (in price & specs) on similar PCs with lower-clocked CPUs, no iSight etc. etc.


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