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Posted on October 15, 2007 at 11:47 am

Facebook makes it onto iPhone

Partner site tiphones.com reports that:

Apple has released a list of apps, or web-based applications available for the iPhone, which include social networking website Facebook.

The list of more than 200 iPhone “apps” includes games, news aggregators and utilities.
The most popular programs have been Facebook, Bejeweled, Sudoku, and a Twitter (mini-blog) app called Hahlo.

The apps run within the phone’s web Safari web browser, not its operating system, which has annoyed many software developers who are wanting to develop more complex applications.

Several websites are reporting on rumours that a software development kit (SDK) may be made available soon, however others doubt Apple will be willing to loosen its tight grip on the iPhone’s operating system.

Despite this, the iPhone hacking community has been busy creating applications for the iPhone, including hacks to free it from the AT&T network.

A recent iPhone firmware update from Apple disabled previous hacks for third-party application support, turning many hacked iPhones into “iBricks”. But in what is becoming a game of “catch me if you can”, hackers have recently announced new work-arounds.


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