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Posted on May 25, 2006 at 5:03 pm

Apple MacBook presentation and test drive!

macbook frenzyFirst-hand experience on the new MacBook this morning!
Along with several Mac-fans / switchers / users / pros, I’ve been testing, touchin’ and weighin’ the brand new MacBook.
Click on pictures to see them enlarged.
First impressions.
Great screen: a glossy screen it’s a first-time-ever on a Mac, but it’s welcome. The black MacBook really shines (!) when it comes to show off a Keynote presentation and the backlit Apple logo on the cover it’s really cool.
Weight: I’d expect a lighter MacBook but it’s ok after all, and the size allows to slip it in the backpack comfortably.
macbook presenterKeyboard: reminding of the early 80’s and Sinclair keyboard I was quite worried about this new keyboard. No problem at all: both layout and key placement are pretty good and get you up and running/typing really easily. The keyboard seems to be more protected than before from dust.
Huge touchpad: you have to see how large it is…
Heating & battery life: during presentation, all MacBooks had both Airport and Bluetooth turned on. Battery usage, although I saw brand new MacBooks, holds good promises.macbook profiler
As for heating, the upper-left part was quite hot, but my G4 Powerbook it’s much er… better when cooking… I’m unable to tell if the different material between black & white model makes any difference about heating.
What about performance?

Safari browsing, task & dashboard switching, Front Row switching were all pretty good.
macbook familyIt did indeed performed well when playing Mission Impossible 3 trailer on Quicktime, and I mean the HD 720p version!
All standard Mac apps perform very well and the i950 graphics card does a good job even when several apps (iDvd and iMovie) are working together taking the Core Duo to the limit.

Finally, a complete lineup of consumer/small portable Macs.
Here in a row: an iBook G4 12″, a MacBook 13.3″ and a (venerable) Powerbook G4 12″.
(some top-secret screen content removed…)
The complete history in a row!


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